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shoumo_30 April 20, 2013 03:31

tornado simulation in CFD
Hello everyone. I am trying to create a tornado inside a cylinder (2.07 m in height and .4m in radius. The lower part (height = .41m) of the cylinder is the velocity inlet for which I have a UDF function. Rest of the height is sidewall. I have pretty fine mesh near the base and also near the side wall so that I can use enhanced wall treatment. I also adapted the grid in fluent. although I am trying run an unsteady simulation my iteration shows some AMG divergance after sometimes. I am using Reynolds stress model and sidewall is free shear wall. Outlet is normal outflow (top of the cylinder). My mesh size is .025 but near the base and sidewall it is more fine. Thanks in advance for your helps.


mohit juneja April 20, 2013 17:07

cfd analysis of muffler for calculating bck pressure
i m working on star ccm can any one tell me pls what are the inital conditions for exhaust muffler like what is the temo. value, inlet velocity, maSS FLOW RATE & WILL I HAVE TO GIVE ALL THESE VALUE OR ONLY ONE ?

RodriguezFatz April 22, 2013 04:26

Which solver do you use?
Also please tell us all discretization schemes.

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