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Kevan Moodley August 15, 1999 09:57

Dispersion model
I am using the dispersion model in Fluent 4.5 to model the trajectories of particles in a clarifier. The continuous phase converges well, however when I attempt the particle tracking I get an *Abort* message saying something about "injection in non-live cell". I use the Set-Injection command for the initial conditions and the mouse to set the point of origin of the dispersed phase, which is a live cell. I don't know what the problem is?

John C. Chien August 16, 1999 12:24

Re: Dispersion model
(1).There are two suggestions I can make here. (2). The first one is try other points of origin of the dispersed phase to see whether you still have the problem. (3). It is a good idea to send e-mail to the vendor of the code for help, because these are code specific problems. And as a former user of the code, I don't have the inside information about what you are trying to solve. good luck.

Jin Wook LEE August 16, 1999 19:54

Re: Dispersion model
Dear Kevan Moodley

Sometimes, input by mouse is not exact. For example, let the computational domain start from x=0(inlet location). You should set the injection point at x=small, say 1.e-06. When you were trying to set the point at inlet, x=0, by mouse, small disturbance might take the initial point as x=-1.e-06. Then it is non-live cell. You can check it by numeric display function in your code.

The procedure is, MAIN -> S2(SETUP2) -> LI(LIST INJECTION).

Then you can see the numeric display of the injection points and you can check any one of x,y,z location is out of computational domain.

Hoping it will help you.

Sincerely, Jin Wook LEE

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