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taw June 18, 2006 02:57

latex fonts

Can any one give me a hint where I could get latex math fonts for arial or helvetica. All I could get from ctan site are serif type fonts, or am I missing something. Anyone having experience with this could either send me the .sty file or does it come with a price??. Your input is most appreciated.


Harish June 18, 2006 10:53

Re: latex fonts
\usepackage{times} gives you times fonts.Also compile your file to pdf using pdflatex rather than ps,fonts would look much better.


taw June 18, 2006 21:03

Re: latex fonts
Hi Harish,

Thankyou for the prompt help, but "The most common serif typeface is Times Roman. A common sans serif typeface is Helvetica." You recommended me a serif font, I am after any sans serif, typically ariel or helvetica and particularly for "the math font", for the other text I dont have problem.

The case is the conference paper I am submitting requires the manuscript in words and in ariel, I am already into latex and wants to stick with it. But latex seems to have the texts in sanserief but not for the math, and the paper I prepared now get mixed between theses two opposite fonts and loked really bad, and but I think there is a way out.

Still a suggestion is appreciated.

regards taw

harish June 18, 2006 23:51

Re: latex fonts
Every conference has its own latex style file.Check if you could find the one for the current conference.I'm not sure of the commands.If you are using windows you can always change fonts when typing using editors such as texnic center, in linux kile can help you with it.Also lyx the front end to latex has the font selection thing as part of GUI.

Guillaume June 20, 2006 02:35

Re: latex fonts
There is a sans-serif font included in the basic latex package. Use the command \textsf{type text here} Hope this helps. Regards

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