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ghlee August 16, 1999 09:59

Values of k & epsilon in the moving wall
Dear Friends! I ask you some questions about imposing the k & epsilon in the moving wall. I have calculated the unshrouded centrifugal type turbomachinery. I used the relative velocity, rotating coordinate, standard k-epsilon turbulence modeling. In imposing the wall B.C, stationary part( e.g shroud casing, vainless diffuser) will have the circumferential velocity (-omega * vec r). And I treated in these parts as walls in order to use wall function. How do I impose the value of k & epsilon values. Would you like to give me an answer. Thank you for reading.

John C. Chien August 16, 1999 12:42

Re: Values of k & epsilon in the moving wall
(1). I am not sure I understand your question. (2). The use of the wall function depends on the calculation of the wall shear stress, which should be part of your flow field solution. (3). As for the boundary conditions for the k & epsilon equations, it depends on the particular model and method used. It is a good idea to read the related technical papers. (or the user's guide)

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