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Naviercito April 23, 2013 06:54

Wind Stress and Equivalent Velocity

i am suppose to apply wind stress over the free surface in a simulation. That stress will generate velocity, my question is: can i just apply and equivalent velocity ? For example with the formula:

u_{\tau} = \sqrt{\tau_{w}/\rho}

where u_{\tau} is the velocity at the free surface , \rho is the density and \tau_{w} the wind stress applied.

FMDenaro April 23, 2013 07:11

yes, see also J. Fluid Mech. (2003), vol. 495, pp. 343368

Naviercito April 23, 2013 07:30

The publication is:

Large-eddy simulations of the wind-induced turbulent Ekman layer ?

Thanks for your answer

FMDenaro April 23, 2013 07:31

that's correct

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