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gcchui April 24, 2013 06:56

Free CFD setup for Simple ventilation study

I am no expert in CFD but I do understand the basic concept of it.

I would like to setup a set of free CFD tools to assess wind flow and ventilation around buildings. I am mainly concern about wind profiles such as speed and direct, not much more. The purpose is to study different foam, shape or mass of building's impact on surrounding buildings from a wind perspective.

I also use sketchup, CAD dxf, rhino 3D model which I would like to import for meshing. I would like to define a vertical wind profile for the initial condition (say at 800m height wind is 10m/s, but at ground level, it is at 3m/s).

The result viewer will need to output velocity ratio (velocity of a certain node / velocity of that certain node at 800m)

Can some of you recommend the simplest setup for me to run these kind of architectural studies



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