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Appleologe April 25, 2013 08:25

Residual Output
Hello professionals,

I have a question.

I simulate with AcuSolve a train in a wind tunnel.

When I run the calculation, the residual ratio from pressure descends down to 1*10^-6, from velocity 1*10^-5, but from the eddy viscosity I get only residual values from 0,01-0.005. (Spalart-Allmars)

Now I want to show in which area the calculation has a problem.

I turned on to save all 10 calculation steps (Steady) the residuals from every node.
When Im looking in postprocessor, the residuals from pressure have a range from +50000 <-> -50000.
I dont undertsand this. And thats not only one area, is all over the model in my Result. (pressure, velocity and eddy viscosity)

hellorishi May 3, 2013 08:35

Could you post your .inp and .Log file?
This would help in figuring out the issue.

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