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elina April 26, 2013 09:30

Sphere-Fluid Heat Transfer
Hi all,
I have a sphere fluid flow in a channel.
I want to study conduction in the sphere
1) I create 2 zone ( 1 fluid zone and 2 for solid zone (sphere)).
2) I set all interfaces between solid and fluid to wall.
3) After exporting mesh to fluent, I see a -shadow boundary condition of type wall for each interface wall.
4) I enable heat equation. (knowing that the two wall are coupled)
5) Fluid flowing at 0.0001m/s water,370K
6) Sphere (copper) 300K initial temp.2spheres attached together....

Grid convergence has to be Steady state simulation was tried...though the solution converges....
the problem after running simulation there no transfers conjugate between fluid and solid the temperature of solid remains stable (initial temperature).

Please help me ..give me suggestions regarding the Setup of case esp boundary conditions...

Thanks in advance......

Ahmed April 26, 2013 23:05

1- First read the technical documentation of the software you are using, and look the definition of Wall, is it adiabatic wall, isothermal wall or What? and how that definition affects the physics of your problem
2- remove all these walls between the solid region and the fluid region.
Just make sure you have the same number of nodes on the line separating the two regions
3- Is it really a steady state problem, review the physics of your problem?

elina April 28, 2013 20:35

Hallo Ahmed

Thanks for your reply...but still see I tried that. .. i mean the walls was automatically there in boundary conditions tab..and yes the wall is of fixed temperature (insulated) 300K , And to do the grid convergence I think I can do Steady state....And for the exact soultion i have to do transient becoz the heat conduction within the sphere takes place only as time goes...And hence I am not sure for grid convergence also I have to do transient...Can you suggest...??

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