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S.Sri Govind August 16, 1999 21:26

CFD of Non-Newtonian fluids
Where can I get information on CFD of Non-Newtonian fluids? -On work done so far and on work going on

Achuth Rao August 17, 1999 11:35

Re: CFD of Non-Newtonian fluids
Do you want info on viscoelastic fluid flows or just power-law fluids

Christoph Lund August 18, 1999 02:24

Re: CFD of Non-Newtonian fluids
Somewhat old, but still valid:

Crochet, M.J.; Davies, A.R.; Walters, K., Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonian Flow, Elsevier 1984

Tucker, Charles L., Fundamentals of Computer Modeling for Polymer Processing, Hanser 1989

Also, you should try:

Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanis

Hope it helps, Chris

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