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cici April 29, 2013 00:49

Boundary conditions for compressible flow
Does any one has experiences in writing your own compressible flow code? If so, how did you set up boundary conditions for all the variables, for example, the air flows into a duct with a heated wall on the top. I know the mass flow rate inlet and pressure outlet is a good combination, but I wonder the detailed boundary conditions for all variables, velocity, pressure, temperature and density. Thanks!

mesh_generation April 29, 2013 01:03

I have written UDF for inlet boundary of blood vessel, whereas outlet is simple outflow. After running the solver for 0.027 time step size and for total 10 numbers of time steps. I have selected 100 iterations per time steps. I monitor velocity inlet surface for velocity fluctuation. Velocity inlet is a simple sin function UDF. But in accepted results amplitude of pulse wave diminished but in actual run i am getting constant amplitude of waves with flow time. Can anyone help me out in this.

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