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cognitor May 1, 2013 09:04

Air speed estimate inside a box with one barrier
I need to prepare a code in Delphi or to find one more or less ready where I could estimate the speed of air V2 at a certain point inside a box where the is an input opening in the borrtom and an output opening in the top. The speed of the air in the input and output is know V1 and is slow without turbulence, etc
In the figure which is in I explain the problem

I need to know only a rough estimate of the vertical component of the velocity V2. I do not need to draw anything with curves and other velocity directions for which a complete CFD model would be needed. Some kind of "fake" CFD algorithm is enough. Coloured figures and mappings are not necessary. Just the value of V2

The input data is:
a) dimensions of the box L,W,H
b) Dimensions of the barrier (M and b) and its position ( d and h2)
c) The fluid is air and input velocity horizontal is V1

Needed result
An estimate of the velocity of the air at point P named V2 in the vertical direction only
a piece of code in Delphi or another like Fortran , C, ....
I thank you all in advance

If needed please write to my email

cognitor May 14, 2013 07:43

Could anyone help me on this post?

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