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KK Khan June 25, 2006 21:13

Pressure contour

Please suggest how to improve the outflow boundary condition,for flow past circular cylinder.

I tried on the inflow u=u_infinity , v=v_infinity, p=(4p_k-1,p_k-2)/3 on the out flow p=p_infinity, u==(4u_k-1,u_k-2)/3, v= =(4v_k-1,v_k-2)/3 but the result is not satisfactory. i can send the output file for pressure contour , if some one want to fix my problem.



ganesh June 25, 2006 23:35

Re: Pressure contour
Dear Khan,

If your farfield is really far, then freestream conditions imosed by you are good enough. However, if you would like to apply absorbing BCs, one ossibility that is quite easy is to use the same flux formula that you used for the interior, for the boundary itself. This should sort out the problem, if the farfiled BCs are the culprit



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