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Raju June 26, 2006 10:27

multigrid solver
Hi everyone.

I am working on finite element discretization. I want to explore the possibility of using multigrid solvers and preconditioners. Are there any free source codes available which uses multigrid solvers for any general sparse matrix.

Tom June 27, 2006 10:42

Re: multigrid solver
I'm not sure that multigrid actually works for "any sparse" matrix (this is definitely true for SIP type algorithms for example). The reason for this is that prolongation and smoothing operators rely on the smoothness of the solution which is OK for a matrix obtained via FEM and FDM but not in general.

The source code and a description of multigrid can be found in the Numerical Recipes books (FORTRAN 77 & 90, C). The books can be found by doing a web search. The source code from the examples in Peric and Ferziger can also be found on the web.

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