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jobman June 28, 2006 13:32

Jobs in cfd - fluent or cfx?
fluent and cfx are hiring but as fluent is more expensive than cfx and generate more revenues, the cfd guys working for fluent will earn more than the one working for cfx: there will be disparity in wages. It is better to work for fluent than icem or cfx.

Working in big cfd company looks a bit like in the movie "Office Space" with roy livingston and jennifer aniston. It has been the inspiration for the tv series 'the office' in the uk and usa. I think you should watch it.

how is your job in working with cfd?

eeeh...what's hapening?

have you formatted the internal bi-monthly reports?

How many runs do you do per year?


Ben June 28, 2006 14:39

Re: Jobs in cfd - fluent or cfx?
Fluent arent very good payers as far as I know, certainly here in the UK, I don't know about CFX but from what I understand (and when I got my job I looked at all the codes aas well as end users) CD-Adapco are the best payers but of course you work in London so living costs are greater. The other thing to consider is that with fluent being purchased by Ansys, what sort of job security will you get. In the short term I am sure that not much will happen but longer term I can't see a big company (for big read pennywise) maintaining two large organisations with a lot of probable staff overlap. It depends on where in the world you are of course. I can only speak for the UK job market.

pc June 28, 2006 16:18

Re: Jobs in cfd - fluent or cfx?
> How many runs do you do per year?

Being a CFD analyst is not about doing runs. It's about giving your customer an understanding of the design, the physics, and what can be done differently.

If you're looking for a job with one of the big vendors solely to do runs you'll find it'll get old very quickly. Better to ask yourself what you want to get out of the position than to ask who pays better to do grunt work.

If your company values your work, they'll pay you what you're worth. Or you leave to go elsewhere.

Just my $0.02....

L.e.i June 30, 2006 12:37

Re: Jobs in cfd - fluent or cfx?
I applied FLUENT's jobs a couple times, got denied. :(

ExFluentandCFX July 3, 2006 03:04

Re: Jobs in cfd - fluent or cfx?
For what it is worth, speaking from experience

4years experince, Fluent were paying me 26k (six years ago), just left CFX now with 10 years experience was on 40k. London based CFD company I have just joined 60+k.

Industry I believe is better paying still though I'd have said but the Location was important for me.

shyam zade July 4, 2006 03:35

Re: Jobs in cfd - fluent or cfx?
i am looking for a job in cfx precisely speaking research assistance ship in any USA university as a part of phd

bill July 5, 2006 15:02

Re: Jobs in cfd - fluent or cfx?
what was ur role at fluent and cfx? and now CD

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