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Jan Ramboer August 18, 1999 04:29

Euler equations?

This might be a stupid basic question (although there exist no stupid questions, just ... ;-) but I am a bit confused about the Euler equations. In the literature those three seemed to be used alot but can't really figure out which equations are which. Non-linear Euler equations, quasi-linear Euler equations and the linearized Euler equations. Can somebody put some facts on those three names please?

Thanks for your time,


Yogesh Talekar August 18, 1999 07:26

Re: Euler equations?
Dear Jan,

The equations what we derive from three fundamental conservations (i.e. Conservation of mass, momentum and energy) are the REAL Euler equations. These are non-linear equations basically. I think in conseravtion form they will look like : dU/dt + dF/dx = 0.

I don't know much about the quasi-linear Euler equations. But the above non-linear form viz. dU/dt + dF/dx = 0 can be "linearised". The resultant equations will look like dU/dt + [B] dU/dx =0.. Here [B] is called as Jacobian Matrix. It is a 3X3 matrix for 1-D Euler equations. The details can be found in "Computational Fluid Dynamics" by P.J.Roche (1976) or A.D.Anderson (1994 I think!) But in case u get some information about quasi-linear Euler equations ..please let me know! (I am curious too!)

bye YOG

John C. Chien August 19, 1999 01:58

Re: Euler equations?
(1). Why don't you try a web search. (2). Type in the complete name, and you will be surprised by the web technology of modern search engines. (3). Try it, and you will like it. In this area, the Internet is far more smarter than a human being.

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