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Ahura May 10, 2013 16:28

Designed with CATIA V5 a 3D re-entry capsule
I'm CATIA V5- beginner. I have designed with CATIA V5 a 3D re-entry capsule. The surface of the capsule is not straight but curved similar to a spherical surface. The Purpose is to integrate and connect this model with a grid generator and then perform as a generic CFD model simulations.

Of course for numerical simulations I have to define a "far-field" for this model for example for a spherical model. Regarding this matter I have two questions with please for your support:

1 How can I define using CATIA v5 more extra-circular surfaces on this sphere surface for a side jet , so that the circular surfaces exactly to be placed on the curved surface of the sphere?

2 How can I define then to this spherical - model a solid room for CFD simulations as a "far-field"? Then the generic model (capsule) overlaps or intersects with far field as a solid volume then is a problem or not?

Many thanks for your support


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