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R.Sureshkumar August 18, 1999 17:14

Application or Development
Hello Seniors I am in the verge of completing my Ph.D, have done lot of code development (Two-Phase Flow), and have'nt used any commercial CFD code. I look forward to work in CFD area, and wish that initially i do some DEVELOPMENT and later get into APPLICATION. I would like to have advice on this dilemma i.e priority of APPLICATION or DEVELOPMENT

Thanx in advance

John C. Chien August 19, 1999 04:50

Re: Application or Development
(1). It doesn't matter whether you do development first then application, or vice versa. (2). It is also a good idea to do both at the same time. (3). Although it is not necessay to have any knowledge about commercial codes, it is important that you do have some knowledge about every steps involved in real-world CFD codes. It is a good idea to find out in the school whether there is a commercial CFD code you can get your hands on and check it out. (4). It is also very important to learn geometry modeling or CAD.

R.Sureshkumar August 21, 1999 13:30

Re: Application or Development
I recently attended an interview in campus (let me not name the company !). When i said i have'nt fixed my mind, and i can get into any one of them or do both. I were quipeed back saying that it is not possible and i have to choose any one of them. This has put me back slightly as i am interested in both, atleast for begining with. On commercial code, recently one of our centre has got FLUENT. I am planning to do some exercises. As for as CAD could you please elaborate /guide how i should proceed. Thank for your reply

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