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Eider Dutra August 19, 1999 10:16

eddies and vortex
Hello there, I would like to know if someone could help me to differentiate eddies from vortex. I know it sounds like a philosophical question but I can't help it.

Thanx for the help... Eider

Patrick August 19, 1999 11:14

Re: eddies and vortex
Vortices are coherent structure that people refered to especially in 2D flows, otherwise (in 3D) they refer to as streamwise vortices, or Taylor vortices or whatever.

Eddies is a more general term for turbulent structure (rotating too), maybe less coherent, more tansient.

But usually they refer to the same. For example you can speak of a vortex with an 'Eddy' turn over time of so and so seconds or minutes. When the turubulence is completely chaotic and it is difficult to see any coherent structure in the flow, one still speaks of the Eddy size and velocity, etc.. but one does not mention vortices.

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