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Alej July 16, 2006 02:10

JAVA and an exersise
Hello, what do you think about JAVA as a language to implement a finite volumes method (both convection and simple conduction problems)?

And other question, a bit different. For a solid rectangle heigh 0.5, width 2, insulated top and lateral walls, bottom wall at constant temperature 1. Initial temperature 0. Can anyone with some patience confirme me that the exact solution is :

T=1+sum(-4/([2n+1]PI)*exp(-[2n+1]^2*PI^2*t)*sin([2n+1]*PI*z)) from 0 to infinity. Its only about replace on the diffusion equation. Please, I`m getting two codes solutions different each other, and different from this solution. I`ve solved the diffusion equation two times, but still, at this point I need someone to help me a little (one code it comercial, not made by me), Thanks.

Mani July 17, 2006 09:25

Re: JAVA and an exersise
On the first question: It depends... if you're writing a code to demonstrate the FV method to students, it could be a nice little tool. Java is pretty convenient for making GUIs and it's portable and easy to run from a website, i.e. the perfect teaching and learning tool. If you're a student yourself, and this is for a relatively small homework assigment, Java will be sufficient as well.

However, I hope you don't consider running serious computations with an interpreter language like Java, unless all your CFD problems are very small. If you like the graphical aspects of Java applets, but need to run serious CFD, you may just want to interface Java with a better number crunching language like Fortran or C/C++.

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