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Alej July 16, 2006 04:35

Matlab PDE toolbox help
Hello. I`m using the PDE solver tool (the GUI) of Matlab. Does anyone know how to export to an array the solution I`ve got in a graphical form? And what means each file and row? Thanks.

Rubén July 19, 2006 06:17

Re: Matlab PDE toolbox help
Hi Alej. You can export the solution in the menu Solve -> export solution. (only the solution is saved in the matlab workspace, that is a vector with the nodal values) You can also export the mesh (menu Mesh -> export mesh). This command export the connectivities (t) with an extra row for the material (if you have only one material you can see a row of ones), the nodal coordinates (p) and information about the edges (I don't remeber the order of this information, but I can check it if you are interested).


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