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Johan Larsson August 20, 1999 08:07

STAR-CD droplet impingement
I'm trying to simulate water droplets colliding with a wall. I'm using the Bai model, but although the droplet velocity prior to impact is 100 m/s (We = 17000), the droplets just rebound. According to the Bai model all droplets with a Weber number that large should be split up into smaller droplets. Has anyone got any experience with this?

Mourad Lotfey August 23, 1999 17:19

Re: STAR-CD droplet impingement
I have such problrm with StarCD. I have started to simulate a particle-laden Flow with one Droplet package. The droplets responded with the Flow field. After increasing the number of droplets, the particles didnot respond any more with the flow! I have tries much to find a solution and still don't know why! So, try fewer droplets first. if it works O.K. If not, try to generate Your model NEW with very few droplets. I hope it works.

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