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ztdep July 19, 2006 22:11

what is "system identification"
Hi: Dose somebody know what is the meaning of the system identification, or some good reference for the system identification!


Karsten July 20, 2006 04:52

Re: what is "system identification"
You will find something in a book about control theory i guess.

Luis July 20, 2006 11:48

Re: what is "system identification"
Basically, it's a method used to estimate/construct a model of a system based on input/output information only. There are two main approaches. 1. Direct estimation of the frequency response of the system. Also called nonparametric estimation methods.They do not assume any structure assumptions about the system, other than that it is linear. 2.Parametric methods. A specific model structure is assumed, and the parameters in this structure are estimated using data. Most control books have a section on system identification.

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