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jasonbot May 29, 2013 10:21

Help with basics, Full potential solver
Good day,

I'm busy with a masters with a strong focus on CFD. At the moment I am validating some current results (airfoil polars) with a program called MSES written by Mark Drela. The software generates a grid and solves with a Euler solver or a Full Potential Solver or a combination of the two.

When running in inviscid mode I get failure to converge the solution when using the full potential or combined solvers near the stall angle.

Can someone point me to a good source (mind the pun) of where to get info about why this would be the case, or alternatively explain what is going on?


duri June 3, 2013 08:57


MISES is a euler solver along the stream lines. i.e., mesh lines are represented by streamlines. But still a Euler solver and not irrotational. Near the stall there could be possiblity of wake behind the airfoil. In this case, as mesh was constructed by streamline distribution, near wake mesh can rotate and creates negative volume.
To check this stop solver before divergence or crash iteration and check the new mesh, you can see twist or something like that.


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