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clifford bradford August 20, 1999 15:11

cheers to Jonas
i don't know if anybody has posted something like this before, but i'd just like to say that i appreciate Jonas' work in providing this forum. i don't know if he's compensated or not but i don't care since he provides all of us the opportunity to learn from and teach each other (not to mention the good insights he provides from time to time). i'd say this is the most useful online discussion of cfd in particular and fluid dynamics in general (i also subscribe to a few newsgroups on these topics so i can say this sincerly). THANK YOU JONAS

John C. Chien August 20, 1999 15:20

Re: cheers to Jonas
(1). It is quite expensive to post it here. It is going to cost a lot world wide. (2). Send him a e-mail next time. (3). Personal issue by e-mail, technical issue by the forum here, not vice versa.

George Hampel August 20, 1999 16:43

Re: cheers to Jonas
In repsonse to John C. Chien's most recent post:

(1). He's kidding right? (2). John complaining about the cost of posting is more than a little ironic, don't you think? (3). With all of the posting he does, I wonder if he spends as much time doing CFD as he spends posting notes about it on this forum. (4). I suppose that's enough.


chris August 20, 1999 16:48

Re: cheers to Jonas
Nevertheless Jonas: Thank you

Jason Bardis August 21, 1999 17:04

Re: cheers to Jonas
I would also like to thank you Jonas for your Web site and all the people who wrote and gave me advice. I still have not made up my mind completely but I do believe in the Spring I hope to be in a University studying CFD.

Thank you everyone,


John C. Chien August 22, 1999 13:24

Re: cheers to Jonas
(1). I have tried to keep this forum going for over a year now. (2). I think it is time for me to step aside so that sponsor of the commercial CFD codes can dedicate their time to answer questions created by the use of their codes (official of non-official, legal or illigal copies). (3). Will meet you sometime in the future. take care.

chris August 23, 1999 01:42

Re: cheers to Jonas
But John's answers were often very good...

Jonas Larsson August 23, 1999 02:10

Re: Thanks
Thank you very much for those nice words! I'm glad that you like CFD Online. I'm just providing the framework though. Those who post messages here are those who really should get the credit. Thank you Patrick, andy, Duane, John, clifford, Joern, Sung-Eun, Hrvoje, Adrin, ... and all others who make this forum interesting reading!

Demselles Hollowajiawoak August 23, 1999 11:27

Re: cheers to Jonas
I think that anyone who is willing to pay tribute to hte fine efforts of Jonas Larsson shall feel free to do so. Also, I feel that there is no need to criticize anyone that spends as much time contributing to the open discussion of CFD as does our colleague Mr. John C. Chien. Thus, I would like to ask everyone to be sensitive to the efforts and feelings of those that contribute to this site and let us not waste time by making inappropriate comments that do not have anything to do with CFD.

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