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Joe July 26, 2006 05:00

Turbulence modelling validation : Orifice flow
I've been searching hard for a good paper / vaidation database entry relating to the flow and turbulence fields within and downstream of a simple orifice flow meter aka "plate with a circular hole in it".

Idealy I'm looking for:

-LDA measurements (both within and downstream of the orifice) -Incompressible fluid with ReD = O(10000) -Simple circular orifice plate mounted inside straight circular tube

I've searched high and low through google.scholar abstracts etc. This sort of dataset seems likely to be a well used test case for validation of CFD turbulence modelling, and yet I cant find a decent set of experimental data!

Could anyone recommned a particular paper / experimental data set?


Jim_Park July 26, 2006 08:18

Re: Turbulence modelling validation : Orifice flow
You should contact Professor Gerry Morrison Texas A&M University ( ?).

He and his students conducted exhaustive studies of orifice flows in the early 90's. You could also do your literature search keying on Morrison.

Good Luck!

Joe July 26, 2006 16:41

Re: Turbulence modelling validation : Orifice flow
Much obliged.

I actually already had one of his excellent papers but the Ma number was too high (> 0.3). However, following your advice I downloaded and rummaged through his CV and found a nearly identical paper at a much lower Re number.

Thanks for the help! May be convergence fairy rain blessings upon you...

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