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J. McCarthur August 21, 1999 23:32

Book on N.S. equations
Hi everybody,

I would like to find a best book which talks about the foundamental behavior or characteristics of the Navier-Stokes equations, Euler equations, or boundary layer equations, etc. Thank you.

Yogesh Talekar August 24, 1999 07:48

Re: Book on N.S. equations
Check thiese books: 1) Modern Compressible flow: John D. Anderson ... a very nice book... I am his great FAN!

For looking into the derivations starting from molecular collisions look into this: 1) Kinetic equations of gases and plasmas: by Ta-You Wu

For boundary layers: You can look into some books whose title itself is "BOUNDARY LAYERS"



Gary Dantinne August 24, 1999 09:49

Re: Book on N.S. equations
If you are looking for mathematical analysis of the Navier-Stokes equations, Temam's book is a must but it's also very hard to read

Mayank Tyagi August 24, 1999 15:26

Re: Book on N.S. equations
Hi ... Here is an incomplete list but should give you a start 1. C. R. Doering and J. D. Gibbon , Applied analysis of the Navier-Stokes equations (Excellent book, easy to understand)

2. P. Constantin and C. Foias, Navier-Stokes equations (Good book.. written for maths students.. but engineers can understand it with some extra effort (ha ha..))

3. R. Temam, Navier-Stokes equations (As Gary mentioned.. it's a must but very hard book...I agree!!)

4.O. Ladyzhenskaya, The mathematical theory of viscous incompressible flow ( Again a must-read book but very difficult.. not for first time readers..)

5. Eds: J. G. Heywood et al (lecture notes in mathematics Numbers 1431 and 1530) , The Navier-Stokes equations : Theory and numerical methods (Collection of papers.. some of them are easy to follow... can be recommended to begineers)

6 Eds. A. Dold and B. Eckmann (lecture notes in mathematics numbers 565 and 771) ...(only for mature readers !!!)

Hopefully, this provides you with directions and not digression... a huge amount of work is in journal papers but that's not needed right now!!!

Take care

Mayank Tyagi

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