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Aldo Bonfiglioli August 24, 1999 07:49

Large 3D tetrahedral meshes
I'm looking for large 3D unstructured (only tetrahedral) meshes to perform scalabilty tests using an home made CFD code. Eulerian and/or NS meshes would be equally welcome. Beside the NASA Data Set archive:, I'm not aware of any other source were these could be found (being european I cannot make use of NASA meshes). If anyone out there is aware of available meshes or willing to make available his or her own meshes I would be very grateful to him/her.

Regards, Aldo

chris August 24, 1999 15:42

Re: Large 3D tetrahedral meshes
Hy, if I understand you correct, you are looking for large tetrahedral meshes. That's really no problem. I think everyone working with cfd has the opposite problem. Well I think that I can help you with large meshes. How much cells do you think ? (But I first want to ask my chief, ok)

Aldo Bonfiglioli August 25, 1999 08:41

Re: Large 3D tetrahedral meshes
I would say smthg. of the order of 10^5 meshpoints; I have in mind a test performed on a an M6 wing with 357,900 meshpoints.

Thanks, Aldo

chris August 27, 1999 00:50

Re: Large 3D tetrahedral meshes
Sorry, but I do not know what a M6 wing is ..

Aldo Bonfiglioli August 27, 1999 03:33

Re: Large 3D tetrahedral meshes
M6 is just a particular wing tested at ONERA for which experimental data are available. Any wing mesh would be suitable. Also channel meshes would be O.K.

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