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Naviercito June 12, 2013 05:19

Smagorinsky Formula

Where can i find the current form of Smagorinsky's diffusion formula that is used in oceanic models ? I am reading the paper "GENERAL CIRCULATION EXPERIMENTS WITH THE PRIMITIVE EQUATIONS. I THE BASIC EXPERIMENT" and i can't find it. The paper was published on Monthly Weather Review, Volume 91, Number 3 on March 1963.

PS: The formula (used in ocean models) is A_m =C \Delta x \Delta y \frac{1}{2} \left| \nabla V + \left( \nabla V \right)^T\right| where:

A_m : is the eddy viscosity coefficient

V : is the flow velocity

\Delta x: is the grid size in X

\Delta y: is the grid size in Y

C: is a coefficient taken as 0.2

FMDenaro June 12, 2013 06:33

The question is not marine flows you have several effects, such as the mixed layer in which also buoyance is relevant to define the characteristic scales. Smagorinsky eddy-viscosity should be modulated as well.
A hystorical paper you can find useful is

Naviercito June 13, 2013 03:40

Maybe my question isn't well posed, i mean, well explained. What i want to know is where to find that same equation with the same variables. I have READ that it was first used by Deardorff in this paper: .

By the way i don't have access to that paper, does anyone have it ? Regards,


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