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jj August 3, 2006 23:26

lid driven cavity by ghia
hello cfd researchers

there are so many authors solved lid driven cavity problem using higher order accuracy , but still every one is using ghias result considered bench mark solution ... what is the special in that . ... i found the only thing is Ghjia use very fine mesh...plz let me know the reason.. thanks

diaw (Des_Aubery) August 4, 2006 01:03

lid driven cavity - experiments
If I could perhaps add into the 'lid-driven cavity' debate - are there any practical experiments that have been performed that could assist clarification of the many numeric experiments?


Andrew Hayes August 4, 2006 07:37

Re: lid driven cavity - experiments
Ghia's paper is just well written and goes to a high Reynolds Number. I really dont know of any actual experiments though. I still think Gupta's paper is worth looking into, and it is relatively short compared to Ghia's. Also, there is a dissertation online by Debbie Sastrapradja titled, Rayleigh Streaming Simulation Using the Vorticity Transport Equation, that does a good job going through the equations and derivation of the boundary conditions for the streamfunction-vorticity model. It used to be online anyway.

ztdep August 7, 2006 21:03

Re: lid driven cavity - experiments
Hi: where is the dissertation online, would you like to tell to the web site! thank you !

Andrew Hayes August 8, 2006 07:57

Re: lid driven cavity - experiments
you will have to do a search for it. I can't remember where I found it, but I was able to download it from the web. She went to Penn State

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