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Karan August 4, 2006 10:22

Second order Roe's limiters
Hi everybody; My name is karan and I want to see the effects of limiters in roe's approximate riemann solver. for this, I want a code with this method. can you help me. Have a great sky.

k_tafazoli March 14, 2013 04:41

Van leer second order and AUSM+
Hi, I've got a fortran code for solving 2D compressible flow over an airfoil with the method of first order van leer flux vector splitting . I have to change it to second order van leer flux vector splitting method . Can you please help me on how to do it? It's also possible for me to solve this project with the method of AUSM+ . Are you familiar with this method? can you help me with it please?
Thanks a lot in advance

duri March 14, 2013 07:46

For converting first order solver to second order solver. First evaluate gradients at the cell center using green gauss approach or least squares. Then evaluate solution at face center using Ui + gradU.dr dr is the vector from solution center to face. gradU is gradient vector. In first order Ui is used directly instead of the additional term gradU.dr. This is the only difference. To ensure monotonicity add slope limiter to gradU term. Refer any CFD book for limiters.

k_tafazoli March 14, 2013 13:27

Thanks a lot for your comment . I'll try doing them

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