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Deepak August 7, 2006 23:50

What abt ESI-CFD Forum
What about opening aa ESI-CFD Forum for commercial cfd codes like CFD-ACE+,CFD-FASTRAN,PAM-FLOW,CFD-TOPO and its pre and post processors like CFD-GEOM and CFD-VIEW.Also CFD-VISCART and CFD-CADalyzer is ther as CAD packages.From the previous posts i found that many users of these softwares r ther and so i think it ll be a good move.Please support me if u r on my side.

Thanks and with regards,


CFD-Junior August 8, 2006 04:54

Re: What abt ESI-CFD Forum

ESI-CFD does have it's own discussion forum - which can be accessed via the support website. Unfortunately it appears as if there are very few people on this forum that use ESI products. People have asked before but due to the lack of demand it was never started. The ESI cfd forum is not bad - and it is pretty useful.

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