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leo_NM June 23, 2013 17:21

Xflow Meshless aproach ??
Good night

I saw a video of this software at youtube performing very complex cases. The site presents a meshless approach to the problems. For me the words "meshless" and CFD simply can't get together in the same sentence.

Since I just found "Colorful fluid dynamics" information in the site I'm here to ask you about this software and this "meshless" aproach. Is this real that a CFD case can present good results with no mesh ?


t.teschner June 23, 2013 19:38

the title meshless sounds fancy but in reality its just another name, you still need to discretize your domain, using the meshless approach this is done by point clouds ... I'm no expert on this, others may have more insight but you can consult this work which:

on page 13 you see what a point cloud is, might give you some insight

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