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simple August 8, 2006 23:11

strange problem
a program for geometry (volume...),VF6.6, in Debug model,it's ok, but in release model, the subroution program for volume error: access violation. what's the problem? And how to do?

peter August 9, 2006 00:48

Re: strange problem
give more detail, it is better to add code below your message (if you use external library address it too)

simple August 9, 2006 18:10

Re: strange problem
ok, pseudocode:

modeul define values define allocatable all array end modeul

program main use modeul call read_parameter allocate all array call read_grid




call calculation_volume (Error occur)

call calculation_fxyz

call output

end program

peter August 10, 2006 00:48

Re: strange problem
as error is encountered in "call calculation_volume (Error occur)" so u must fucos on it and test it separately, so i advice to exclude other part from code and compile code. In better way, if you send to me your project workspace (you can exclude other part) i try it and can help u in better manner as possible. my (if u send to my mail notify in cfd-online)

simple August 10, 2006 23:35

Re: strange problem
thanks´╝îi have get it.

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