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krikicha August 16, 2006 09:04

Searching team members for CFD Code Development
Hello everybody

I'm looking for persons who are ready to take part on an interesting project.

For now, I can't give precisions but this project is about a new generation CFD code which will probably be open source.


Ideally the team will be more than 5 persons and less than twelve and everyone will have a percentage from the benefits, if there are.

Minimum Requirements:

- Thorough knowledge of CFD methodology,

- Proficient with computer programming in C/C++ and Oriented Object Programming,

- Fluent English or French,

- No restrictions about the location, but must have access to internet.

All domains related to CFD are concerned, and team member's profiles will not be similar.

Having one or more of the following skills will be a plus:

- Graphical User Interface in wxWidgets,

- Software Engineering,

- Scientific Visualization,

- Evolutionary Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

So if you are interested send me an email at with a profile and a detailed CV, with emphasis on core competencies, computer skills, developed projects and research interest if there are.

PS: During this first stage, you can stay anonymous if you want and all received information will stay confidential.

Deepak August 16, 2006 09:28

Re: Searching team members for CFD Code Developmen
iam interested..forwarding my resume also..let me know aother details..

undisclosed August 19, 2006 07:45

Re: Searching team members for CFD Code Developmen
I think you should look on also. Plenty of people have put their resume.

What would be good is a full cfd code from Asia or India to compete against the main software like the one from Ansys group. But you will need more than 5 people for this.

This is what the market is expecting...


TG August 19, 2006 14:17

Re: Searching team members for CFD Code Developmen
What does it matter where the code is from? For that matter, don't you think there are already plenty of Indian and other Asian people already working on the codes from Ansys? The world is flat. Anything can come from anywhere and go anywhere if its a good product.

K.L. August 19, 2006 16:28

Re: Searching team members for CFD Code Developmen
It actually does matter because asia and india are emerging markets and the company and corporations have better opportunity to a take their chances there. The return on investing will be better there than in europe or usa. If they don't and wait too much they will miss a big opportunity. K.L.

krikicha August 20, 2006 05:05

Re: Searching team members for CFD Code Developmen
An what about a new product completly different from what have been done before?

A new style giving a complete flexibility to the user.

A mixture based on the last methods of software engineering and artificial intelligence.

A product which will satisfy all kind of users : industrials, students and especially researchers.

This new concept can not be based on codes made elsewhere, even if it will took a long period.

More, its not just a concept, but a philosophy which can be applied to all computational domains.

GPU nvidia August 20, 2006 11:24

Re: Searching team members for CFD Code Developmen
You shuld look at the open software GPU from nvidia, they are already doing this:

Proof of concept Although there's no lack of research projects that have demonstrated GPGPU programming techniques for niche computing tasks such as fluid modelling and radiology imaging, the world's first commercial program to use GPGPU programming techniques is BionicFX, a package that dramatically accelerates multi-track sound editing by passing sound through the GPU represented as video.

It is open source, you should start from there

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