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Alan August 17, 2006 01:30

WARNING: non-positive face area exist.
I am trying to solve a 2d airfoil problem and when i check the grid in fluent 6.2.16 the following message comes up:

Grid Check

Domain Extents:

x-coordinate: min (m) = -1.000000e+001, max (m) = 2.000000e+001

y-coordinate: min (m) = -1.100000e+001, max (m) = 9.000000e+000 Volume statistics:

minimum volume (m3): 6.387484e-008

maximum volume (m3): 1.827881e+001

total volume (m3): 5.999925e+002 Face area statistics:

WARNING: non-positive face area exist.

minimum face area (m2): 0.000000e+000

maximum face area (m2): 6.333366e+000 Checking number of nodes per cell. Checking number of faces per cell. Checking thread pointers. Checking number of cells per face. Checking face cells. Checking bridge faces. Checking right-handed cells. Checking face handedness.

Zone 9: 16369 right-handed, 2 left-handed Checking element type consistency. Checking boundary types: Checking face pairs. Checking periodic boundaries. Checking node count. Checking nosolve cell count. Checking nosolve face count. Checking face children. Checking cell children. Checking storage. Done.

WARNING: Grid check failed.

Can anyone be of assistance? How can i fix this problem?

Thanks very much for you help.

Cheers Alan

Peter August 17, 2006 02:14

Re: WARNING: non-positive face area exist.
This forum is already filled with people making fun of people asking (stupid?) questions.

Your question is serious but in the wrong forum. Please use the Fluent forum for Fluent specific questions. It will help keeping this forum alive and relevant.

Alan August 17, 2006 02:45

Re: WARNING: non-positive face area exist.
cheers for your help Peter, sorry we are not all as smart as you. I wont use your precious site anymore.

Bee August 17, 2006 07:07

Re: WARNING: non-positive face area exist.
Your mesh generation have failed. It is quite frequent in Gambit, among others, to generate erronous meshes when geometries are a little more complex than rudimentary.

I suggest going over the mesh again. From the beginning.

Jason August 17, 2006 07:33

Re: WARNING: non-positive face area exist.
If you're going to work around here, you're going to have to take things with a grain of salt. Peter's right, you should've posted this in the Fluent forum. Peter's response may have been harsh, but if you're response is to get huffy and run off then you're going to have a hard time cutting it in any forum, especially one with such a diverse collection of people (cultures, educations and backgrounds).

Do a search of the fluent forum (there's a search link!!!) and if you can't find your answer, then post your question in the Fluent forum. Odds are this is the problem:


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