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Anja August 22, 2006 06:38

removing of linux and keeping windows
Hi all, in my notebook, linux and windows xp are installed, now i want to remove linu by keeping windows as it is..i want to know whether it is possible to do this without reinstalling windows.. ur help is highly appreciated thanx

phsieh2005 August 22, 2006 07:55

Re: removing of linux and keeping windows

Yes, I have done it quite some time ago.

Get a copy of knoppix ( Boot to knoppix, run qtparted and delete the linux partitions, resize the free space to window.

Get a windows 98 boot disk, boot to the disk. Under DOS, do: "fdisk /mbr" this will remove grub (linux boot loader).

These steps worked for me. But, it does not mean it will defintely work for you. SO, always back up your stuffs before trying this!!! You might want to use partimage under knoppix to save a copy of your windows partition image.

Good Luck!


rt August 22, 2006 08:06

Re: removing of linux and keeping windows
my experience show that this work (but mybe there is better way):

under windows the linux partition are unknown, u can format your linux drives (e.g. with partition magic or other windows tool), in this manner linux is removed but your master boot record and boot loader also destroyed so your system encounter boot error problem, then u must repaire your boot, it is easy: only put bootable winxp cd in drive and follow installation procudure. if u install new windows version your boot is repaired and your two windows (new and old) work correctly but if u don't like install new additional windows, follow installation procedure for new installation until formatting derive for new installation, note that u must select free partition for new installation (e.g. formated linux derives). in this sitution u can reboot your system and based on my experience your boot problem will be resolved (formt is not essential)

Note: before this check your bootable CD and additional free partition.

zisper August 22, 2006 20:40

Re: removing of linux and keeping windows
The only thing I'd add is that there's an excellent qtparted livecd you can use, it'll be more up to date than the knoppix version, and smaller to download.

phsieh2005 August 23, 2006 07:01

Re: removing of linux and keeping windows
Hi, zisper,

I agree with you. I did use sysrescue livecd before which only contains few very usful softwares, including qtparted. The only complain I have about sysrescue livecd is that it does not eject the cd automatically when done (I do not know whether the latest version fix this issue).

Another reason why I prefer knoppix is that it also has partimage which you can use to create an image of the partitions just in case you need to go back.


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