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hanklord July 12, 2013 03:25

Particle trace velocity structure in grid fire simulation
Hi ,

I'm developing a method for fire animation design based on fire simulation (solved by Navier Stokes Equation).

First, I add some trace particles which flow along the velocity field in the simulation and particles will catch the simulation data (temperature and velocity), each particle will form a pathline. (similar to this paper at section 4.2,

After the data sampling, I will compute the data similarity between these path lines.

Later, I will synthesis the new simulation data use these similarity data.(i.e. The similar path lines will be put nearby)

But, this synthesis method by the similarity data seems can't maintain the velocity structure (ex. vorticity) even consider the data similarities.

Is there any possible solution or keywords to handle this? (I'm trying to read the other articles to find solutions)


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