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Mori August 24, 2006 08:43

Pressure BC in SIMPLER Algorithm?
Hi Guys,

I am going to use SIMPLER algorithm in my code. In SIMPLER algorithm, velocity field is guessed and then Pressure equation is solved. I am wondering what would be boundary condition for pressure equation in a lid driven cavity flow. Should pressure consider as zero on all walls?

Thanks for your help.


Halim August 24, 2006 18:45

Re: Pressure BC in SIMPLER Algorithm?
If the velocitites are imposed at the boundary like the lid-driven cavity flow and if you uses the staggered grid layout, you do not need the pressure at the boundaries. When you derive the pressure equation just near the bounadry, set pseudo-velocities at the boundary by the real velocities and set the coefficient of the pressure equation (for example, AN for the north boundary) zero. After you calculate flow field, get the pressure at the boundary by extrapolation of inner point values. Read Patankar's book, you may understand what I am talking about.


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