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amarjogot July 15, 2013 11:50

file conversion regarding geometry file
Hello everyone. I have a question? Can anyone please tell me how can I import geometry file (created in ICEM CFD) in Star CCM+.

triple_r July 15, 2013 18:11

I think this you can get better answers if you post your question under ICEM-CFD or StarCCM+ forums, and not the general CFD forum.

Anyways, you can probably export your geometry from ICEM in a format that star can read. I know, for sure, that star can import parasolid files, and you most probably are able to export your geometry in parasolid format from ICEM (not 100% sure about this). But there are also other formats, like stl, iges, ... popular enough formats that both packages might support.

amarjogot July 15, 2013 22:51

Thank you very much for your help. it works absolutely fine. I will be careful in posting new threads next time.

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