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prajeesh August 26, 2006 11:43

catching up the basics of cfd
HI everybody.....

im new to this field......

PLEASE any one suggest me about the knowledge requried between CFD DOMAIN USER as well as CFD CODE GENERATOR..

do both of them required same indepth basics........

if too start with as a CFD DOMAIN USER how to acquire enough knowledge to proceed with...(books or net.......)

Steve_NTUA August 26, 2006 12:53

Re: catching up the basics of cfd
what are your curend studies;;

prajeesh August 26, 2006 21:25

Re: catching up the basics of cfd
Sir im final year in mechanical engineering. i will be very thankful if u tell me how to begin with.

Also tell me as mechanical engineer if i need to stick on to aerofeild as most of cfd work is done on that.

if not point out recent fields related to mechanical engineering for which cfd is very essential..

Steve_NTUA August 27, 2006 10:05

Re: catching up the basics of cfd
Well first of all am not that old to address me us Sir (I'm only in my first year in my master) so its Steve, nice to meet you. Now I have the feeling that most work in software engineering is done in the optimization field since we have very good solvers for the Navier Stokes equations. Actually there is a EU program (HISAC) that is aiming to optimize a supersonic get plane for minimum noise and CO2 emm. etc. But then there's always the motor sport field .

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