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Steve_NTUA August 27, 2006 15:59

Optimization or fluid structure interaction
I'm in my 5th year in National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)and I'm wondering if its better for me to get into optimization or fluid structure interaction I'll appreciate your experienced opinion .

I also like to know if NTUA is a recognizable polytechnic school and if not what do I have to do to get into the cfd cycles;

If it matters I have teachers that served in MIT, Imperial, Von Carman.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my message

Gerrit August 28, 2006 07:59

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
I would say, but it's purely an opinion, fluid structure interaction. Simply because if you want to do that well, you need to spend time on it that many commercial companies won't give you, so it's getting the knowledge now or never.

While as far as optimising is concerned, it's a discipline that you can learn breaking the necessary time much more in small parts, it's much less complicated and there are many completely different ways to do it.

It's much harder for a company to find someone with good experience in fluid-structure interaction than in optimisation.

But once again, this is a personal experience, others may not agree.

Mani August 28, 2006 08:07

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
Why "or"? Do a combination. Optimization and fluid-structure interaction are both relatively mature fields. A hot topic that few people have dared to touch would be "optimization of fluid-structure interaction".

Gerrit August 28, 2006 08:09

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
That's true Mani, this is in fact what industry is looking for.

Steve_NTUA August 28, 2006 09:05

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
Well Mani and Gerrit First of all thank you replying …, the optimization and fluid structure interaction is a great idea and I'd like to say that once the fluid structure interaction solver is ready you can very easily optimize the structure with a G.A. (genetic algorithm).

Gerrit August 28, 2006 09:19

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
Hi Steve,

I'd rather try faster methods first before going to a GA. A gradient method by hand for example or a simplex method.

Steve_NTUA August 28, 2006 09:35

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
Yes that's a fact Gerrit GAs are slow but really user friendly so what I'm saying is , is it more important to give effort on creating a fast GA(say with A.I. like metamondels) than solving one fluid structure interaction problem; The second is more difficult and close to cfd science but the first seems to have applications in a grater filed.

Gerrit August 28, 2006 09:53

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
?? But there is no clear answer to that question??

It depends on what you want to work in. Anyway, if you decide that GA's are more interesting for your future job than aerodynamics then you should optimise something that's easy and fast maybe even something from which you know the outcome. If it's only for developing the GA it doesn't make sense to have a CPU expensive computation under it.


Steve_NTUA August 28, 2006 10:11

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
I'm I'm just in a turning point in my life. Actually I love aerodynamics that's why I joint the mechanical engineering science but I've been given the chance to work on a optimization algorithm in the jet lab of my school (optimizing compressor blades) well I know that's not much but now I have to choose if I wont my diploma project to be within the lab or not .

hurricane August 29, 2006 03:40

Re: Optimization or fluid structure interaction
Well, i'm preparing my PhD in Shape Optimisation and Fluid-Stucture Interaction. Since two years i still didn't finish the solver part.

I just would like to tell you that it's a very interesting area of RESEARCH. There's still few complete references in the subject.

So before to choose, you should ask yourself how much time you will be able to dedicat to this work. It will not be easy, but if you succeed , you'll probably have very interesting opportunities.

If you have questions send me an email :

And good luck.

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