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123catty456 July 18, 2013 05:56

Applying Loads to Part of a Surface/spliting a part in ANSYS

I am looking to apply loads and constraints on a part, but not over its entire surface;
I am looking to simulate holding a pipe as such but clamping it a certain distance from one end (will be applying a force to something sticking out of the other end)
I thought if in Pro E I just created a separate surface that I could apply the load to that but I cant select it in Ansys mechanical.
I thought also if I created a new coordinate system for this surface but I seem to only be able to create a point; is it possible to split the part in Ansys to apply the frictionless support to only a certain section of the overall part or must I split it in Pro E and bring it in as an assembly?

All answers really appreciated! :)

thank you

123catty456 July 29, 2013 12:52

sooo yea... !!thought I would reply if anyone has this issue; ended up doing just that; had to split the part in proE and assemble it inorder to apply the constraints to only part of the surface; just gave it a "bonded" contact between the parts that were actually meant to be one part. this could be done in Design modeler but I dont have a licence for that.

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