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Zhou Hua August 28, 1999 06:54

Where can i get PAB3D?
is it in public domain? i am interested in its capability to simulate jet flows.

Nick Georgiadis August 31, 1999 21:29

Re: Where can i get PAB3D?
The main author of PAB is Dr. Khalid Abdol-Hamid. The current version is for sale by his company, AS&M. Hamid's email is You may also contact Paul Pao or John Carlson of NASA Langley.

We at NASA Glenn have evaluated PAB against similar production flow RANS solvers. PAB is one of the better codes out there for jet flow simulations (although in my opinion all RANS solvers have severe deficiencies for compressible jet simulations). PAB is very fast and has one of the better sets of turbulence models available to the user.

Zhou Hua September 2, 1999 10:46

Re: Where can i get PAB3D?
thank u!

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