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Jack Travis August 29, 2006 10:27

Modeling Turbulent Horizontal Buoyant Jets
I've searched high and low through the literature to find experimental data and information about modeling turbulent horizontal buoyant jets in a wall free stagnant environment. Think about a large enclosure, maybe 20 meters cube filled with air a STP with a horizontal pipe directed toward the room center, 2 to 5 cm diamater, jetting Helium or Hydrogen between 10 and 50 m/s. There seems to be lots of information about turbulent vertical buoyant jets, but very little about the horizontal configuration.

Has anybody come across experimental data or CFD modeling?

Thank-you, Jack

Panos Papanicolaou September 8, 2006 14:06

Re: Modeling Turbulent Horizontal Buoyant Jets
We are measuring temperature in horizontal round water jets using fast response thermistors. The apparatus used has a cross section of 1mX0.8m and it is 0.7m deep. The jet diameter is small but the Reynolds numbers used are over 1000.

Let me know what you may need. By December we are going to have accurate measurements. We have performed some preliminary tests so far.

Jack Travis September 11, 2006 06:36

Re: Modeling Turbulent Horizontal Buoyant Jets
Thank-you for your response to my enquiry about horizontal buoyant jets. We're not interested so much in water jets, but in hydrogen and Helium jets into air. In this case we'd have an order of magnitude difference in the jet fluid compared to the ambient air. If you know of any such tests of better yet, 3D modeling studies, I'd be very interested in those.

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