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student August 30, 2006 03:14

no wind greenhouse ventilation
Hi all,

I am simulating buoyancy driven airflow in a naturally ventilated greenhouse under no wind conditions.

I have the building placed in box type domain with pressure type outlets at the boundaries (except the floor), which represent the ambient external environment. I have specified a constant static pressure at these outlets, which is 0 relative to a reference pressure of 101325 pa.

However, I cannot get convergence from this set-up when I have heat sources in the building no matter how much I under-relax the calculations. Can anyone give any suggestions.

Is the constant pressure all around the building resulting in an unstable situation. If so, should I give a pressure profile at these boundaries?

Thanks in advance

mar August 31, 2006 05:09

Re: no wind greenhouse ventilation
What does mean pressure=0?? Are you at the zero absolute temperature ???

I think that the outlet must be at 1 (which means equal to the reference pressure)

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