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rajesh August 29, 1999 03:27

Domain decomposition
What is the meaning of domain decomposition?

Tony Chen August 30, 1999 04:43

Re: Domain decomposition
Hi there,

Domain decomposition = multi-blocks / chimera schemes

Communication among blocks are established via interpolations of the primary variables or fluxes at auxiliary interfaces for either directly connecting grids, patched grids or overlapping grids. Different mathematical models may be adopted in different zones and solved by different numerical methods. This concept brings convenience to complex configurations and problems involving relative body motion such as a train passing a tunnel.

It probably also refer to a solution acceleration scheme by alternatively solving a same system on fine and coarse grids.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Hrvoje Jasak August 31, 1999 04:22

Re: Domain decomposition
If you attempt to run a CFD code on a parallel machine, you'll probably use something called the "domain decomposition approach". Here, the mesh is split up into several parts, each of which is assigned to one processor. It is also necessary to set up the communication between sub-domains such that the parallel run reproduces the single processor results. This is called domain decomposition; in short, it's one of the run preparation steps for parallel CFD.

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