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mosquera July 24, 2013 12:11

Calculation of Turbulent Qualities
Good evening everyone,

I'm doing an RANS simulation of a jet and am required to calculate k and epsilon from experimental data. I am having a lot of trouble achieving convergence with my model and was wondering if anyone would have time to check my calculation of k and epsilon.

The spreadsheet is attached;

In the first sheet, I calculate k and epsilon from experimental hotwire values. These give me two fluctuating velocity components and velocities. I estimate the flow-normal fluctuating velocities to be the time for the purposes of this calculation.

In the second sheet, I estimate k and epsilon using empirical relationships. The case for this is a pipe with a flow. The velocities along the face of the pipe are given by vx, vy, etc...

Can someone do a sanity check and tell me if I'm missing some important relationship? I'm new to CFD/this level of fluids and any help would really be appreciated.

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