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Kok Yong Seng August 29, 1999 22:00

Blood Flow

Has anyone done some work in the area of computational fluid dynamics for blood flow modeling? Or, more specifically, does anyone have any information about CFD work on blood flow modeling of human beings under high G conditions?

Will be extremely glad to hear from anyone. Thank you.

I. Dotsikas September 5, 1999 19:27

Re: Blood Flow
It's very difficult to name some books about what you are looking for. There are some Journals about Bioengineering as much as I am concerned I know one:

Annals of Biomedical Engineering

some volumes are accesible via the online journal publishing servive:

What you are looking for should be somewhere at the beginning of the list. By the way under this URL there are several good journals. It is always worth to have a look.

Does anyone know an other list of free accesible Journals ? hope have helped. regards


Geordie McBain September 14, 1999 00:18

Re: Blood Flow
A short paper on numerical simulation of blood flow is:

M. Resch & U. Kuester (1994) On viscoelastic fluid flow simulation using the finite volume method, in Computational Fluid Dynamics '94 ed. S. Wagner, E. H. Hirschel, J. Periaux & P. Riva. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester.

I found it at:

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