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vijayvb July 27, 2013 09:53

hi..every one..

Can any one help me to model a SINK Point/SINK surface in Fluent..??

I'm running a CFD simulation of a canal having a length about 20 km in which the main fluid stream is water and along the length there are 5 openings on the sides.From which various pollutants are diffusing into the main stream.

there are two things I'm interested in this simulation.,

1) diffusion of the pollutants in the main stream ( i.e concentration of pollutants mixing with water)

2) BOD level ( Biological Oxygen demand)..that is the amount of oxygen consumed by the water plants and bacteria in the canal..

-for the first case I'm using the Species transport model in fluent..

-but for the second case i need to model a SINK point or SINK surface so that i can specify the value of oxygen which is practically consumed by the plants by the way i can model it numerically..( say that SINK will act like an absorbing region.)

Any suggestion would be well and good...!!

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