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E. Turner September 2, 2006 04:45

Advice needed in writing my own solver...
Hi all !

I'm going to write a software that computes the flow of water (rain) down slopes and along rivers. I've got some practical experience with Fluent, and I've read several papers on different solving-methods for incompressible viscous flows, but I miss some basic understanding ;) - how the heck do I get this matrix that is input to the solver ? Is it the coefficients for all equations for all grid nodes put togehter ? Is it possible to compute the equations one by one, that is one grid node at a time ? What would you recommend to read as a 'tutorial' on coding one's own solver ?

Thanks a lot, guys !


yousef September 2, 2006 06:25

Re: Advice needed in writing my own solver...
first you must decied if you need to slove via an itretive method or direct method. you can compute eah coefiicent at at one time. i have developed problem of lmainar mixed convection in the entrance region of circular sector ducts. i used the TDMA method . for resion i put in each set of coefiicents in a single matrix. the norths coeficients they each on matrix and so on .

i if you have any extra help please contact me.

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